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An Industry-driven research center  on three convergent research pillars: electrochemical manufacturing, plasma manufacturing, and systems integration of electrified chemical processes with the grid.

We invite you to join the DC-MUSE University-Industry Webinar Series Series! 

​In this month's webinar, we will explore the topic of "Pulsing Electrochemistry - Unlocking New Frontiers in Reactor Performance" with the following speakers:

  • ​Academic Speaker: Miguel Modestino, New York University - Dr. Modestino will present on how pulsed electrosynthesis can enhance electrochemical manufacturing by optimizing kinetic and transport processes at electrode/electrolyte interfaces. His talk will cover the impact of pulsed electrosynthesis on production of adiponitrile (a precursor to nylon 6,6) alongside its applications in CO2 electrocatalytic reduction and electrochemical energy storage/conversion.

  • Industry Speaker: Timothy Hall, Research Director at Faraday Technology Inc. - Mr. Hall will discuss industrial applications and perspectives related to pulse and pulse reverse electrochemical processing techniques.

  • Moderator: Daniel Esposito, Columbia University - Dr. Esposito will moderate the Q&A session following the presentations.

​Don't miss this opportunity to learn about the latest pulsed electrosynthesis research and its potential industrial impacts! The webinar will include a 60-minute program with presentations followed by an interactive Q&A.

About DC-MUSE: The Center for Decarbonizing Chemical Manufacturing Using Sustainable Electrification (DC-MUSE) convenes a diverse team of university researchers dedicated to performing research that intends to decarbonize the chemical industry via electrification. The interdisciplinary team spans multiple institutions and areas of expertise to take on the challenge of enabling an electrified chemical industry through innovative research.

About the DC-MUSE University-Industry Webinar Series: This webinar series brings together academic and industry stakeholders each month to discuss cutting-edge research in a particular area related to decarbonizing the chemical industry. Each webinar features a university researcher (providing an overview of their latest work), an industry expert (discussing relevant applications, challenges, and perspectives) and a moderated Q&A session to foster dialogue between attendees and speakers.

What? DC-MUSE University-Industry Webinar Series!

When? Wednesday, March 27th, 2024.

Where? The meeting will be conducted virtually

How? Please RSVP using the link below.

How can I participate in the meeting? Any relevant member(s) of your organization. Feel free to forward the invitation to other members of your company or peer companies that may be interested. Multiple participants from a single organization are welcome to attend.

Please reach out to Simon Mashala (, DC-MUSE Managing Director, and/or Dr. Frank Vallese (, NYU Director of Strategic Partnerships.  

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